Book Reviews for "You Can Do it"

Five Stars on Amazon
I really enjoyed this book and the stories about her struggles and success were marvelous and very practical and of value to both men and women entrepreneurs. I originally bought it for my wife, but once I started reading it I wanted to read the whole book. Both men and women can learn a lot from this savvy "no nonsense" gal and also be very entertained.
Jackson Winston
University Professor
I love this book! It’s a really fun read of stories from Joie's fascinating life, packed with her insights and inspirations and all served with her terrific humor! As a musician and yoga teacher, I especially appreciate her sharing her artistic and spiritual awakenings and how they have further enriched her powerful spirit. Joie is a positive, inspiring force for all of us!
Andrew M.
Musician | Yoga Teacher
This is a very fun book loaded with one good story after the other. She succeeds where all the old boys said she couldn't. The key seems to be her philosophy of life which you will find rubbing off on you as you read. Anyone starting a business and particularly marketing really should read this book.
Daniel Dwyer
Financial Advisor
I've been a successful career woman my whole life and the information contained in this book took me years to learn on my own. I wish I had this book when I started out. Joie Goodkin's way of communicating is so clear and easy to understand that reading this will benefit anyone in business. If you are just starting out, or want a refresher in the best practices for how to conduct/continue a successful business, you will value this book. Through her storytelling, the information is easy to digest and implement. I give it 5 stars! It has been an excellent refresher course for me.
Cathy A. Di Thommasso
An excellent read. Clearly, Joie Goodkin has the right attitude toward business. From a woman's perspective, she sees a positive human dynamic in all her business dealings and is comfortable about sharing the lessons learned . I am a retired business woman and found myself nodding and agreeing with her 'Joie-isms' and laughing out loud at her wit. I enjoyed reading about her challenges, described in a casual, friend, ego-less way. She doesn't hesitate to share her triumphs and failures, all written with wit and wisdom. Bravo!
Christine England
While living in south Florida, I saw this author rally thousands to stand on a beach for charity while creating a thriving business in a male dominated business world and living a full family life. In this highly readable story of personal discovery, she candidly and passionately shares how you can reach for the gold in your career while also experiencing the rewards of "giving back" to the community, family and friends. This fast paced and engaging personal narrative is punctuated with pictures and "JOIE-ISM's" that bring her story and life lessons compellingly home to the reader.
Jon B. DeVries AICP
Planning Chicago Author
Fun and uplifting. This book is such a pleasure to read! Joie's stories are concise and cover every possible topic you can imagine. It is remarkable that she accomplished so much in the business world in the long ago 1970's. I particularly loved her stories of spiritual growth and her very funny thoughts on aging. Reading this book will lighten your heart and truly let you know that You Can Do It!
Terri Beatty
Joie is amazing! I’m not big on reading but really enjoyed reading this book from start to finish . She has so much wisdom and insight and love for life . You can’t help but get drawn in .
Nicole Stewart

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